Kettloe bell Workout For Men Over 50

Kettlebell Workouts in the Park

Kettlebell workouts in the park in the morning is a cracking way to
start the day, making the most of the fresh air while working out.

This kettlebell workout hits just about every muscle group in the body, this is one of the best kinds of functional training 

However, one of the problems with kettlebell workots in the park is
there’s so much bad advice out there. Videos showing bad form using 
just about every piece of workout gear there is. I see people
demonstrating the kettlebell swing so badly that they are almost asking
people to damage their backs! As with ALL exercise’s technique is
paramount. Before you go onto to lift heavy weights or do intense
routines take the time to work on your technique first.

Kettlebell TechniqueKettlebell-workouts-in-the-park-300x219.jpg

A bit of time spent understanding the movements and breaking them
down simple steps will benefit your training tremendously. It will guard
against injuries because most injuries come from bad technique, you’ll
see better progress as you apply the correct posture and technique.

In this video, I give specific tips on how to use kettlebell workouts
in the park safely and with good form to guard against injuries. You’ll
notice at several pints I emphasise how you must tighten your belly and
core to protect against damaging your back, and I speak from personal
experience of this.


As part of a group, I used to train with a small framed older woman,
she had about 6 or 7 years on me and weighed about half of what I did.
However, I was always amazed by her strength and ability to work with
much heavier kettlebells than me! Imagine how surprised I was when I saw
her doing kettlebell swings with 16kg or 18kg weights, or dead lifts
with 20kg when I was a sometimes using 6kg or 4 kg lighter than her!

She had better technique than I did and had built her core strength
up to tak ethat kind of weight. I learned a lesson doing kettlebell
workouts in the park with her, she inspired me to work on my form and
technique to help improve my overall fitness. I mentioned above about
how kettlebell training is a great functional fitness workout, it hits just about every muscle group in the body.

With functional training in mind you are trying to mimick everyday
movements the body does in daily life. the training at middle aged men’s
health and fitness is focused on this approach. Functional movements
are aimed at helping guys our age cope better with everyday lifethis
kettlebell workouts in the park is aimed at working all the major muscle
groups.. For instance, your wife tells you to clean out the garage and
you might have to lift a couple of heavy boxes. By practicing exercises
such as squats, bent over rows and say the farmers walk wiyth
kettlebells you’ve already prepared your body for the box lifting
manoeuver enough times to know thw right technique to keep your back

You legs will be strong enough, your back and core will be working
together and your shoulders and arms will be able to cope with to
lifting a  heavy box and carrying it too the car.

Check out more workouts in the park here.

middle aged men’s health and Fitness

Learn The Basics of Photography

In today’s digital world where the attitude of lots of photographers is – if I mess up the photo, I can fix it in photoshop!DSLR-225x300.jpg

This leaves many snappers missing out on a large amount of  technical understanding that will help them improve their photographs. It’s imporatant to learn the basics of photography as a good grounding will help you produce better photos.

Many of these digital users feel ‘why do I need to clog my brain with all of that technical stuff, if I can fix it in photoshop?’ And it’s a good point but only up to a point!

Making not taking a picture

Being a good photographer isn’t simply about taking a picture, admittedly it’s a large part of it, but there’s more to it than that. Understanding how the camera works, how to balance aperture, shutter speed and ISO to create the perfect exposure, how to use composition to direct the eye of the viewer. How to use texture, form and shape to make your photos interesting. But most of all, it’s about how you translate what you see in your mind into an actual photograph, and that’s something entirely different.

You need to learn the basics of photography. You can’t simply let the camera do it for you even if you have a fancy smancy expensive camera and neither can you hope that photoshop will fix it.

Why not?

Admittedly modern cameras are sophisticated pieces of kit but they are inanimate objects. They don’t see, they capture but they can’t create, they record but have no sense of composition or vision. They simply do what they are told to do, unless of course you use it in automatic mode and then it does it all for you! But if you do you are missing out on half the fun!

Why wouldn’t a photographer want to participate in the photos they take? Why wouldn’t they want creative control? Why wouldn’t they want, at the very least to control what goes into the camera rather than try to fix what comes out?

Learn the basics of photography

Such as exposure and composition should be the minimum requirements for participating in the scene your camera takes?

Once learned, the next step is to master those techniques so that making those exposure changes becomes second nature and you can do them instinctively whilst concentrating on composition. Understanding the makeup of a good photograph comes with practice and being aware of some of the guidelines of composition will help your photos improve.

Happy-Photography-300x200.jpgLearning photography is a fun, gratifying and constant journey – after 28 years as a full time photographer I am still learning and still enjoying it. That’s partly because I love photography but also because I shoot in manual mode and therefore I have to involve myself in ‘the taking process’.

And therein lies the rub, I want to create, I want ‘part of me’ to be in the final photograph.

And of course I use photoshop just about everyday in my workflow but I try to get things right in the camera and I don’t hope that I can fix it in photoshop, I took the time to learn the basics of photography.

Many old school photographers will say they learned the right way using film where every exposure and every fme of film mattered, and that digital is easy and there’s no need to learn the basics of photography.

A contentious point!

There is some merit in this, I myself learned using film and am glad that I did. But this doesn’t automatically make me a better photographer but it does make me appreciate each and every time I press the shutter button. Having to think about the right exposure, understand how each brand of film reacted to light, as well as working on composition made the old brain power work overtime. In other words I had to be involved in taking and making the photograph.

As I stated earlier I do use photoshop but it’s only part of my photographer’s toolkit. The most important part in my toolkit is my own unique view, my willingness to experiment and my desire to learn and improve.

One of the easiest ways to learn the basics of photography is to move from automatic mode to manual mode and take control of your camera. If going to full manual mode is a bit daunting then try one of the half manual mode


The Exposure Triangle

s such as, aperture or shutter priority.

Letting your camera do part of the work while you learn how to do the other half is a good way to learn. Concentrating on learning aperture whilst letting the camera help you out with the shutter speed will speed up your understanding of the exposure triangle.


photography lessons

The Exposure Triangle

In photographic terms never was a truer word spoken than ‘Light is the key’.



esr-law-77ZDhsuETAA-unsplash-300x225.jpgThis is simply because photography is all about, understanding and capturing light.

fact, the word photograph is derived from ancient Greek. The original
word ‘Photo’ is from the Greek word ‘phos’ meaning ‘light’ and the word
‘graph’ also comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to draw’. Putting the two
together gives us the word photograph, which means drawing with light or
as I prefer to say, having fun with light


Without light, photography wouldn’t be possible.

There are three things that affect the amount of light entering the camera they are, aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

These are often referred to as the ‘exposure triangle’.

far I’ve talked about aperture and shutter speed, and here I want to
mention ISO,.  it stands for ‘International Organisation for

In the most basic terms, ISO is a camera setting
that will lighten or darken your photo. As you increase the ISO number,
your photos will grow progressively brighter. You’ll sometimes hear
photographers talking about ‘bumping up your ISO’, this is because
raising your ISO can help you capture images in darker environments, or
allow you more creativity with your aperture or shutter speeds.


The Exposure Triangle

there is an issue with raising your ISO, the higher you go the more
grain-like noise you’ll see in your images. This can mean more, tiny
dots and patchy colours in your photos. I’ll talk more about noise and
ISO in the full VeryEasyPhotography course. But at this early stage
introducing too much ‘technical’ jargo can be confusing.

So far,
we’ve covered all three variables that can affect your exposure;
aperture, shutter speed and ISO, they form the exposure triangle.

What is the exposure triangle?

It’s the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO to create an exposure.

In this diagram you’ll see aperture is at the bottom, on the right is shutter speed and on the left is ISO.

the arrows in the middle show how the exposure gets brighter or darker
as the settings work in relation to each other. As you alter one it has
an effect on one of the others

Which ever variable you alter has an affect on at least one of the other two.


How to create beautiful photos with objects around the house

In the difficult times of lockdown how do we carry on with our love of photography whilst confined to our homes?

One way is to get out into the garden (if you have one) and shoot
some beautiful images of flowers. But how do you create beautiful photos
without the benefits of studio lighting? Well use natural light, nature
has provided us with a wonderfully free light source. Lets use it!

Follow along with the short video below and you’ll see how I used
some everyday objects from around the house to create beautiful photos
of an Agapantha flower in my garden. In the video I show you a few
different ideas for controlling the light. Afterall photography is all
about understanding and controlling the light to create beautiful photos
with excellent composition.

And further on in the video I show you how to use shutter speed to create an alternative variation on the same flower.

Who knows you might even create beautiful photos for your walls.

And if you don’t have a garden you could always buy a bunch of flowers and use them.

Agapanthas-Flower-Photo-Course_120-%C2%A9-Nick-Gregan-300x215.jpgProbably the most well known flower photographer was Robert Mapplethorpe
who created some beautiful art images. His photographs of flowers adorn
the walls of many a home and he’s been inspiration for many

More videos coming soon on how to create beautiful photos with everyday objects.


A Good Corporte Headshot

makes a good corporate headshot?

are three key elements to a good corporate headshot. The first and this is the
most important. How would you like people to see you and what message do you
want your corporate headshot to send?

we live in a visual world where takes as little as a 10th of the second for us
to form a judgement about a person, as proved by professor Todorov Princeton
University. So in that tenth of a second – let’s be generous and stretch that
out to 10 x longer, a whole second – people form a judgement about you. Either
by the way you look, by your smile, by what you’re wearing, the environment
you’ve been photographed in or the context, which the photographs are being
displayed. Those first impressions are being made and count. You need to think
carefully about what you would like people to think when they see your

a good corporate headshot needs to be composed correctly and have good
lighting. The most crucial thing is; is it exposed correctly? The lighting
could be natural daylight; it can also be taken with flash or ambient light. If
you combine this technical aspect of photography to composition – which is the
artistic element – and get it right you’ll have a good corporate headshot. Do
you want the photograph to be a headshot would you like to be full length, do
you want to be seen sitting at your desk or standing by the company logo?
it a relaxed and informal portrait or are you trying to appear more serious?
Say for instance if you are a firm of Lawyers, do the litigators want to come
across differently to the lawyers who deal in family law?

and finally, and this is perhaps the most crucial point, the photograph needs
to connect with the viewer. We’ve all seen photographs of business people,
actors, TV celebrities and friends where they are simply staring wide-eyed at
the camera. What this does is form a barrier between the viewer and the person
in the photograph.

stops the person viewing the photograph wanting to investigate any further
because, as I said in point number one; we make snap decisions about what we
like what we don’t like.

if the eyes are connecting with the viewer and that means the eyes are focused
in the right place and if they eyes contain real emotion and show real
personality, it takes the portrait to a new level and makes the viewer engage
with the person in the photograph.

that’s the 3 key elements good corporate headshot

are other important factors to a good corporate headshot and I will be
discussing those in a following post.




A Good Corporte Headshot

Why Does An Actors Need A Headshot?

Good question – Why Does An Actor Need A Headshot?

Well, an actor’s headshot is their main marketing tool. Without a
brilliant headshot, even in today’s modern video driven world of
YouTube, Instagram and a multitude of other social media outlets, a
traditional headshot is crucial to an actor’s success. Of course
training and show reels are important, but if an actor doesn’t have a
killer headshot they’re not giving themselves a fair chance of success.
This couldn’t be more evident than at the start of an actor’s career
when you are an unknown to casting directors and agents etc. It’s your
headshot that’ll open doors for you.

A great headshot can have a bearing on just about every aspect of
your acting career as first impressions do count. Here’s a brief list of
why does an actor need a headshot,7  ways to use your headshot, and
remember we live in a visual world and we make instant decisions on what
we see so your headshot has to have impact. I call it this impact the
WOW Factor!

  • It’s the face of your personal brand
  • You submit it for online castings
  • Use it for production programs and brochures
  • To use on your website
  • For your CV
  • Marketing materials like business cards and flyers
  • To submit to agents

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll have heard me say
‘your headshot is your calling card’ many times before. This hasn’t
changed in decades. True headshot styles may have changed and will
continue to change in years to come. However one thing throughout those
changes has remained constant – your headshot must look like you – that
will never change! Watch this video on headshots that suit your character.

Personal Branding

What is branding and what is it for? Well in the world of acting it’s
about drawing the industry professional to you. In terms of your
personal brand, every successful product on the market is branded so why
shouldn’t an actor? Without realising it we brand actors already, think
of Meryl Streep or Robert De Niro – you know their brand automatically.
But what is and how do you brand yourself as an actor in the early
stages of your career and indeed is it important?

Branding is not as important as doing great work, as being true to
yourself and adding personality to your acting. It is worth thinking
about, but it’s not the most important part of being an actor. In terms
of your headshot it’s about understanding who you are, the kind of roles
you are likely to play and working with what you’ve got. Read Understanding Your Castability here to find out more about working with what you’ve got.

So back to the original question why does an actor need a headshot? It’s
as simple as this; you’ll never get any castings, auditions or meetings
with agents or producers without one. Indeed if you have bad headshot
you can do damage your opportunities especially at the start of your

My advice is to find a specialist headshot photographer who is up to
date with current headshot styles and trends. Someone who knows how to
encourage best performance out of you in front of the their camera. A
great headshot is collaboration between you and the headshot

If you’re looking for more advice and tips on getting going at the start of your career read this great article on Backstge. If you’re still unsure why does an actor need a headshot check out some of my other blog posts.

Top Running Shoes as Best Recommendation for Your Needs

Top Running Shoes list usually changes in every year because after all footwear products on the market is also experiencing growth to provide the best display quality and comfort for consumers. Some people think that choosing a running shoe into a difficult job to do, especially for the beginner. One fairly easy way to get recommendations and references running shoes that have the best quality is to look at the latest list of Top Running Shoes are often available at various sites on the Internet or other media.

Top Running Shoes for Running Your Convenience

When you see the list of Top Running Shoes in an internet site, you should see the source or reference from the list whether enough valid or not. This certainly could be considered to find the right running shoes and suit your needs. With the higher demand for running shoes on the market, it must also contribute to the high production of these types of shoes with varying quality. Choosing a quality running shoes in addition can create activities running, jogging, marathon or become more comfortable can also avoid the risk of injury. Many people often have doubts whether the shoe is an advanced option of including the right shoes and qualified or not. When you feel doubt and confusion to choose what kind of running shoes, where the list of top running shoes will help you to find an option that fits with what you need.

The criteria in making the list of Top Running Shoes usually cover everything from the quality, comfort aspect, even the price offered. You should also understand that not all the expensive running shoes that have good quality. Likewise, running shoes with good quality does not always have a high price. Thus, you should be more careful in choosing shoes you need. Before looking for info on the brand of shoes which would you choose, you can consider several factors such as the size, material, stores, and price. Choosing the right shoe size will be very important for the comfort and safety in performing sports activities. In choosing the size of the shoes, you should also take into socks that are usually used in sports to get the right size.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the materials used, including the level of flexibility of the shoe to determine how the quality and durability of the shoe. Once you get the size and the materials in accordance with your need, you can find info about the brand recommended. In this case, you can consider seeing a list of shoes that are included in the latest Top Running Shoes.


White Running Shoes

24 Hour Locksmith Near Me

Locksmiths in Kingston– 24/7 Locksmith in Kingston


you looking to fix or rekey a door lock? Replace or duplicate your keys, or
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insured and bonded locksmiths are essential to make sure that the locksmith is
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Selling a home online

As we can see now, lot of humans’ activities are supported with technology. We can feel those technologies by ourselves such as the personal computer that helps us to finish our task or assignment fast, cellular phone helps us to keep in touch with our family and friends regardless of our location, and the internet helps us to keep up with the global changes in the world.

At the moment, we can sell a home online through the internet. Internet provides you with lot of information about the buying and selling home. You can get the infos and you can also put an advertisement (ads) online on the internet to get the best and fastest solution in selling your home.

Nowadays, about seventy percent of homebuyer starts to search for houses online through the internet. This is absolutely one advantage for sellers to add an advertisement online because it usually has a fast reply from buyer since you add your ads online on the internet to sell your home.

You should know first how to make a good advertisement online. In your ads you have to put your home pictures and those should be a great one. Majority of buyer who search for home online they click on the ads that attached with the home’s pictures. Buyers get the first impression from the pictures of your home on the ads and as the people say that there is no second chance for first impression. Before you take pictures of your home, please make sure that there will be no clutters or flaws and there only be clean, tidy, spacious rooms inside an outside of your home. 

You should also make your advertising copy should be thorough yet short, simple and to-the-point. Since the home buyers scan ads quickly so you have to make an attractive headline that will grab your buyers such as Show your Class!; Fit to your pocket; Lovely and elegant!; BIG HOME, Little Budget, etc. you also have to include phrases, give information about the location or anything that make your home more special compare to other houses in the body of your advertisements to describe features of your home that will attract buyers.

Make a flyer about your home and its features. Why? Because potential buyer never leaves without keeping a flyer that describe your home’s best points and your asking price, phone number, and the web address of your Internet ads if you have one. 

 If you have done all of them that means you are now prepared to sell a home online through the internet. It is so simple isn’t it?

Land in Lagos

Review [Unboxing] of Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 1080p

Review [Unboxing] of  Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 1080p

Get it here:

In this video I unbox and review a  Logitech C920 HD Pro 1080p Webcam I purchased from Amazon to replace my existing Logitech HD720 . This camera produces amazing picture quality that I didn’t think was possible from a webcam.

Faster, smoother video in Full HD (1080p), which works on more computers.

Fluid Crystal Technology. A Logitech webcam better than the rest. Smoother video, sharper pictures, richer colors and clearer sound for people who live in the real world.

Call in HD (720p)

Enjoy widescreen HD 720p video on most major IMs.

Video recording in Full 1080p

Record video clips in Full 1080p is possible thanks to H.264 compression for fast, smooth uploads require less of your computer.

* Download the latest version of Skype, Skype 5.8 for Windows, which offers 1080p HD video.

Faster, smoother video in Full HD (1080p), which works on more computers thanks to the H.264 video standard.

Video in Full HD (1080p) on Skype *

Your loved ones will surely see through the breathtaking clarity of Full HD only on the C920 and Skype.

H.264 video standard

Enjoy faster, smoother video and better image quality, which requires less of your computer thanks to H.264 encoding: the industry standard for HD video. **

More information about H.264.

HD 720p video calls

Take advantage of 720p video calling on most major IM services, including Windows Live  Messenger.

Video recording in Full HD (1080p)

You can record video in breathtaking widescreen Full HD (1080p) at 30 frames per second (fps). And with H.264 encoding your computer does not have to work to get. Amazing video so hard


The autofocus in 20 steps is responsive, sensitive and intelligent. Do you want children who can not sit still or capture your latest dance moves, then the C920 provides sharp images (from 10 cm and above) for any occasion.

Carl Zeiss  lens

Enjoy razor-sharp images from a lens designed with the help of one of the pioneers in the industry.

Learn more about the benefits to you of our collaboration with Carl Zeiss.

Natural stereo sound

Your loved ones will certainly hear thanks to the two stereo microphones.

Stable mounting clip

Versatile clip with rubber bumpers to attach the webcam securely on the screen of your desktop or laptop. You can even mount it on a tripod.

Photos of 15 megapixels

You can take brilliant photos of 15 megapixels (software enhanced) send to the people you care about.

For HD video faster and smoother is: 

H.264 compression Logitech HD webcams

System Requirements

Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 8

For video recording in HD (1080p):

2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor

2 GB RAM or more

Hard disk space for recorded videos

USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0)

Recommended requirements for video in Full HD (1080p and 720p) *:

(Requirements for H.264 and MJPEG formats vary)

Go to the website of your provider of video for precise information on system and performance requirements.

For Skype in Full HD 1080p

Part Number

PN 960-000767

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