How to create beautiful photos with objects around the house

In the difficult times of lockdown how do we carry on with our love of photography whilst confined to our homes?

One way is to get out into the garden (if you have one) and shoot
some beautiful images of flowers. But how do you create beautiful photos
without the benefits of studio lighting? Well use natural light, nature
has provided us with a wonderfully free light source. Lets use it!

Follow along with the short video below and you’ll see how I used
some everyday objects from around the house to create beautiful photos
of an Agapantha flower in my garden. In the video I show you a few
different ideas for controlling the light. Afterall photography is all
about understanding and controlling the light to create beautiful photos
with excellent composition.

And further on in the video I show you how to use shutter speed to create an alternative variation on the same flower.

Who knows you might even create beautiful photos for your walls.

And if you don’t have a garden you could always buy a bunch of flowers and use them.

Agapanthas-Flower-Photo-Course_120-%C2%A9-Nick-Gregan-300x215.jpgProbably the most well known flower photographer was Robert Mapplethorpe
who created some beautiful art images. His photographs of flowers adorn
the walls of many a home and he’s been inspiration for many

More videos coming soon on how to create beautiful photos with everyday objects.


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